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Sun, Feb. 1st, 2004, 12:05 pm

Hi...I'm new to this community. I don't have a paid account so as far as doing the 'Poll' thing...I can't. I just need an outsiders opinion on a really tough decision. I don't want to bother anyone so I will cut it, but I really could use the help.
I live in Southern California, my whole life is here...everything I know is here. My mom lives in Oklahoma and she just offered me a chance to move out there and stay with her, she'll get me a car, and I can go to school with her. She's going to school for Medical Coding...it only takes 7 months to finish it and you can take your certificate anywhere. Which means I can get my school done and come back out here and get a job at a near by hospital and by the time I'm 21 I can be making anywhere from $25-$60 an hour. It's a great career opportunity. I've been out of High School for almost two years now and haven't gotten anything accomplished as far as school and all. Now that's not something I should turn down right? Well here's the difficult part...I kind of have attachments out here. My boyfriend and I are just getting to the point where we are serious about our relationship...we're already talking about marriage and stuff. The problem is there is no way he could go with me because he's going to school here. 7 months is a long time when it comes to being away from each other. Long distance relationships rarely work out...I know when I'm out there I wont let myself get close to anyone else, but he's going to school and he's around his friends and they all have girlfriends and I'm affaid he's going to see that and want that again. I haven't told him about this yet...I was going to do that tomorrow when he gets back from Big Bear. I don't know how he's going to handle it or what he'll want to do...if he wants to break it off or wait until I get back. I don't want this thing with us to end, but if I stay here I wont accomplish anything. It's one of those town where you have to leave to do something with your life then you could always come back later. I just really need some outsiders opinions...could anyone give me some advice? I'd really appreciate it. Sorry this thing is so long.